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We Make Carbon-Free Energy for 2 Million Texas Homes

The South Texas Project Electric Generating Station is one of the newest and largest nuclear power facilities in the nation. STP’s two units produce 2,700 megawatts of carbon-free electricity, providing clean energy to two million Texas homes.


Through our uncompromising commitment to nuclear safety and continuous focus on improving plant operations, STP has emerged as an industry leader. Our approximately 1,200 employees maintain an ongoing commitment to the safe and reliable operation of the facility. The company’s culture and core values focus on respect, innovation, safety and excellence.


The plant is located about 90 minutes southwest of Houston, near Bay City. STP’s reactors went online in August 1988 and June 1989, and are the sixth and fourth youngest, respectively, of the nation’s operating plants.


STP Nuclear Operating Company manages the plant for its owners, who share its energy in proportion to their ownership interest:


  • Austin Energy, 16 percent

  • CPS Energy, 40 percent

  • Constellation Energy, 44 percent

South Texas Proud

STP's performance during 2017's Hurricane Harvey helps make the case for nuclear power - thanks to a resilient Storm Crew, a  robust design and solid severe weather plan.


Check out this video about our Harvey experience.

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