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For more than 30 years, our team at the South Texas Project has called Matagorda County home. Our team is comprised of committed and caring individuals who support a wide range of community causes.


In addition, we’ve developed partnerships that create local jobs contributing income to our county. As the largest employer in Matagorda County, we are committed to strengthening our local communities. The majority of our 1,200 employees live and work in these communities. This is our home. Our employees serve on school boards, city councils, navigation districts, chambers of commerce and countless charitable organizations. They donate their time and resources to make a difference.

Getting Here


Each year, STP employees volunteer to tackle projects in the community - from helping to paint the Boys and Girls Club to repairing a home damaged during Hurricane Harvey - STP employees step up and pitch in!



Matagorda County/STP

Emergency Information

Download the Matagorda County/STP Emergency Information booklet. It contains important emergency information for events in the county and includes evacuation routes and other key details for the general public.

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